Crystals & Jewelry

Quartz Crystals are some of my favorites! I use them in my Sun Chimes and I love to wire them for necklaces.

You may also find a variety of gemstones wired for necklaces!

I do a lot of custom orders and not everything here is available but I can always make something that is comparable.

Pictures don't do these little Fairy Planets justice!

Room to add your own items to this little Fairy Planet!



These are genuine quartz crystal balls!

Very fun to wear! $10

Fun Geode Necklaces! $15

Gorgeous in the light!

2 slabs of Ice Selenite, 5 small Selenite wands and 4 gorgeous, rare Ice Selenite wands.

Ice Selenite wands with leather, bone beads and feathers. White one has an Amazonite quarter moon pendant. $40 ea.

These beautys can be referred to as Cats Eyes. They are wonderful Fiber Optic Spheres.

Some Rose Quartz. bone beads, Calcite and below the calcite we have some Green Aventurine.

Mined in South Dakota, Amethyst clusters to add into my Sunchimes.