My mosaics are made with genuine stained glass and some are built in 

upcycled windows and smaller ones in picture frames.  

To order custom mosaics email me 

a simple drawing or you can find a drawing online. 

You would be involved in creating your special piece from start to finish!

I have also done business logo mosaics (see CISCO on the bottom) and the choices can be endless:  favorite teams, clubs, etc! Large mosaics can come with LED strips in the back of the frame, so it is perfect if you want to put it on a wall without needing sun or a window!

Prices vary depending on size of piece.  Please ask!

First glass on the Fairy!

This was an old window!

This was a Christmas  gift to my daughter.

Custom order!

A large triple pane window with  LED lights!  Available $750

A large double pane window with LED lights!  Available $650

named:  Miami Rainstorm

A large triple pane window with LED lights!  SOLD  

(patterns are my art and are available)

Custom order!  Dickweed Motorcycle Club

Custom order!  Cisco Systems

The art is laid down next will be the glass!  Watch for updated progress presented in stages. 

Progress on custom Mosaic order

Completed Mosaic order!  Lit up with LED strip lighting.